Vedanthangal & Karikili Bird Sanctuary

Vedanthangal is the oldest bird sanctuary in the country. VedanthangalThis sanctuary has been in vedanexistence for more than 200 years. The villagers have documented their right to protect the winged visitors to this sanctuary. The East India company recognised and renewed their rights in the year 1858. A grove of Barringtonia Acacia nilotica trees in a tank form part of the sanctuary. In addition to this, the dry evergreen scrub and thorn forests can also be seen in the area. Both these sanctuaries are situated in the Kanchipuram district and each occupies sprawling areas of 30 hectares and 61 hectares respectively.

Breeding birds like the Cormorant, Egrets, Grey Heron, Open-billed Stork, Darter, Spoonbill, White Ibis, Night Herons, Grebes, and Grey Pelican visit the sanctuary each year. The population of migratory birds included Teals, Shovellers, Pintails, and Sandpipers etc. Some of the resident birds listed are Coots, Terns and Moorhen. In all 115 species of birds have been recorded in this sanctuary.

Location - Vedanthangal Karikili Kanchipuram district 86 kms from Chennai.
Area - 30 hectares.
Forest type - A tank having a compact grove of Barringtonia acacia nilotica trees and the dry evergreen scrub and thorn forests.
Animals found - These sanctuaries are famous for their breeding heronry including cormorants, egrets, grey heron, open-billed stork, darter, spoonbill, white ibis, night herons, grebes, grey pelican etc. Many migratory birds like teals, shovellers, pintails, sandpipers etc. visit the sanctuary in winter. A variety of resident birds like coots, moorhen and terns can also be seen. Vedanthangal is the oldest water bird sanctuary in the country.
Annual rainfall - About 1200 mm
Nearest airport - Chennai 58 kms away
Nearest Railway station - Chengalpattu 30 kms away
Best Season - The nesting season commences late in October and the birds are through with breeding and disperse to their feeding grounds about February. The best season is November to February.
Accommodation - Forest Rest House at Vedanthangal with catering arrangements, P.W.D. Rest House at Karunguzhi.
Other facilities - Regular bus services from Chennai, Tambaram and Chengalpattu.