Mudumalai Sanctuaries

The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Nilgiri Hills, at a point where the Western Ghats meet the Eastern Ghats. MuthumalaiThis sanctuary has a mix of flat land, undulating parkland, open grassland, swamp, valleys and nullahs. The Mayyar River forms a series of spectacular cascades on its 65 kms route on the Udhagamandalam-Mysore highway. This sanctuary can be reached from Mysore too.

The 321 sq kms area of the sanctuary encompasses a National Park measuring 103 sq kms. The vegetation here is varied. The hilly terrain of the Western Ghats, clothed in dense mixed and moist deciduous forests, make Mudumalai a most attractive wildlife reserve.

The Mysore-Ooty highway runs through the Park, following the course of the Mayyar River, which separates Mudumalai from the Bandipur sanctuary.

The fauna includes Elephant, Gaur, Bonnet, Macaque, Common langur, Tigers and Leopards, Chital, Panther, Sloth Bear, Python, Barking deer, Four-Horned Antelope, Otter, Crocodile, Giant flying squirrel, Sambhar, Hyena, Wild Dog, Wild Boar, Mouse Deer, Spotted Deer, Jackal, Hare, Porcupine and Mongoose.

Location - In the Nilgiris district 65 kms from Ootacamund on the Ooty- Mysore Road.
Area - 321 Sq Kms
Forest type - Primarily moist deciduous. Tends to become the dry deciduous variety towards Bandipur. Mainly mixed forests with bamboos.
Animals found - Elephant, gaur, sambar, chital, dhole pather, tiger, sloth bear, Python, barking deer, four-horned antelope, common langur, Otter, crocodiles and a variety of birds and reptiles.
Annual rainfall - About 2300 mm.
Nearest airport - Coimbatore 160 kms away.
Nearest Railway station - Udhagamandalam 64 kms away. Mysore 95 kms away
Best Season - Throughout the year (Except June to August)
Accommodation - Forest Rest Houses at Abhayaranyam, Kargudi, Masinagudi, and Teppakadu. Catering arrangements are provided.
Other facilities - Motor Vehicles and riding elephants available hire.
For more details - The Wildlife Warden, Mahalingam Buildings, Coonoor Road, Udhagamandalam 643 001. This forms part of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, which is the first biosphere reserve formed in India. The Biosphere reserve portion extends to the adjoining states of Kerala and Karnataka also. The 2537.6 sq. kms of NBR in Tamil Nadu covers all the forests of the Nilgiris district and a part of Coimbatore and Periyar districts.