Guindy National Park

The Guindy National Park is one of the prime spots to visit for those people who come to Chennai during vacation. GuindyIt is an extension of the grounds that surround the Governor’s Residence, known as the Raj Bhavan . It is the smallest national park in the country. The park attracts more than three lakh visitors during the year. It is a recommended picnic spot for the entire family to spend a day amidst nature and for children in the sand pit and playground with all the equipment.

The Guindy National Park is the only park in the world to be situated in the middle of a metropolis.

This park boasts of over 24 varieties of trees, like the Amona Squamosa, Atlanta Monophylla, Feronia Limonia, Azadirachta India, and many others. There are also more than 14 varieties of shrubs, over 14 types of mammals like the antelope, spotted dear, jungle cat, Indian civet, the river otter, hyena, fox and the like. The park also accounts for a variety of birds, and some of them are the black winged kite, the buzzard, pariah kite, the eagle and so on. There are also many kinds of amphibians and snakes that add variety of the inmates that are housed here.

Location - It is a adjacent to the Raj Bhavan in the South Madras.
Area - 282 hectras.
Forest type - Dry evergreen scrub and thorn forests.
Animals found - Black buck, chital, jackal, pangolin and a variety of birds.
Annual rainfall - About 1200 mm
Nearest airport - Chennai airport – 8 kms away
Nearest Railway station - Chennai Central – 12 kms away Chennai Egmore – 9 kms away Guindy station (Suburban Track) 1 km away
Season - Throughout the year
Accommodation - Many hotels in Chennai city
Other facilities - Snake park and Children’s park are situated within the area of the park, but have separate entrances and independent entry fees at each place. Drinking water and catering is available.
For more details - The Wildlife Warden, 50, IV Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020.